Handpicked from CR Smith

Employer-sponsored Jobs

We place young people in short-term paid jobs (employer-sponsored jobs), so that they can learn the expectations of the workplace and take that experience on to their next job interview.

As an employer, you are in a position to give a young person a chance, to train them for work and provide the jobs. We are asking you to offer a young person 90 days of employment and see the difference it makes to their career prospects.

By becoming a partner of Hand Picked you become part of a programme, recognised by the Scottish Government, that celebrates businesses taking responsibility for the future workforce.

You can also support us through Hand Picked for Schools and the Hand Picked Academy.


Handpicked from CR Smith
If you wish to find out more about joining Hand Picked either as a candidate or a business, please use the contact details below or complete the enquiry form on our Contact page and we will be in touch.

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